About Brent Hultman

About Brent Hultman

Brent Hultman is exactly who Broomfield needs to represent Ward 2 on City Council. He brings years of business and non-profit service experience to the job. Growing up in Northglenn, and having lived in Westminster and Superior, as well as having worked in Boulder (even serving as staff at the Boulder Chamber), Brent understands issues that are regional.

His experience in facilitating strategic planning for businesses and non-profits give him unique skills in identifying issues and then identifying best options and consensus. I have found that Brent is excited to lead Broomfield by identifying and supporting sustainable development and redevelopment to keep our community strong while addressing current problems. He looks at the bigger picture and identifies interrelated issues.

This is important because it reduces unintended consequences and costly mistakes resulting from short-term, knee-jerk decisions. Brent is not the typical politician who cares less about citizen needs and more about some agenda. I have found him to be committed to listening to citizens, investigating options, identifying best, sustainable solutions that we can afford, and keeping open communication with Broomfield citizens. I will gladly vote for Brent.

Beverly McAdam



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Brent for Broomfield

Understanding an issue and possible solutions as well as potential collateral damage, a measure twice and cut once approach describes how Brent solves problems. Too often politicians come in with answers looking for questions. Knowing what is desired, and why, needs to precede offering answers. Appropriate action is driven by knowing the desired outcome and best alternatives to get there. It’s a move quickly but wisely approach. He sees honest engagement and thoughtful conversation as the critical first step to identifying people’s needs and to discovering the best solutions to any issue.

Brent seeks to understand the range of perspectives that people have and then to explore solutions. He sees thoughtful engagement and identification of possibilities, along with consideration of unintended consequences, as vital to effective leadership in Broomfield. Brent is also an apartment dweller, and feels that representation of this large segment of our community is important.